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In the September of 2016, I enrolled into the Cisco Netacad course for cyber security. It was a nice course. I then did the test so that I could pass the course and get my diploma. I failed. I got a score of 55%, but you passed it starting from 70%. However, it let me do it more than once. So I spent hours studying to retake the test.

I really didn't want to fail this time - so I decided to cheat. I figured they would detect if if you were going through the course while taking the test, so I went through every page and copy pasted the content into text documents. I ended up with a folder of 57 text docs. For safety measures, I uploaded the folder onto a seperate computer and used it to cheat.

Fast forward to December 2016. I had come up with the idea to publish these documents way back in September, but now, I finally am doing it.

I like information to be free and accesible by all. These documents have been slightly edited to contain more info, to be more accurate, etc. Enjoy!

For now, I, the author of this site, am staying anonymous. I want to make sure that me basing our cyber security course on Netacad's course is completely legal. If it isn't 100% legal, I'll keep the site up, I just won't reveal my identity. If it is completely illegal, I'll start the course from scratch.