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Welcome to WebAcad!~

Note: I haven't even made a proper site yet and we already have 600+ views. This is great. This site is obviously still under construction, but it seems people are interested in something like this, so I will make sure to finish this site as soon as possible. Until then, enjoy all the broken English, bad design and the hard to navigate .TXT version of the cyber security course.

Welcome to WebAcad! Launched on the 9th of December of 2016, we offer a variety of technology courses, for free. Enjoy your stay!

We offer both online and text file versions of all of our courses. While we do suggest you use the online versions instead, mainly because you can view the images and it is easier to navigate, we want people to be able to choose how they consume our content.


Cyber Security

WebAcad's cyber security course, based on the Netacad course. Most of the information has been updated, edited, etc.

Currently, there is only a .TXT version of the cyber security course available. The online version is available, but unfinished.

Please don't sue us Netacad. <3

Future Courses

The following tutorials are in the works and haven't yet been published. Please be patient!


An HTML hello world program

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Hello, world!</p>

WebAcad's own HTML and CSS course. Go from being an HTML zero to being an HTML hero!

HTML is the building block of the web. CSS is how you style the webpages you create. Learn both of these languages for free, today!


Note: Unless you use special programs, you will only be able to run .BAT files on Windows operating systems.

A Batch hello world program

@echo off
echo Hello, world!

WebAcad's own Batch course. Batch is a programming language developed by Windows that has fallen out of use, formerly used for running servers.

While it is depracated, the restrictions and limitations it has makes it quite fun to make games and simple programs in it!

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of batch.